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같아 보이지만 완전 다른 인터넷 케이블 종류들 - UTP / SSTP?

지금까지 cat.5e , cat.6 숫자만 보고 랜 케이블을 구입하셨다면 이제는 그 뒤를 보세요!

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lee Lee : 밖으로 노출된 랜선이라면 sstp가 제일 좋겠죠?
lee Lee : 카테고리는 무엇을 의미하나요?
경주최씨 : 네트워크를이제 공부하고있는데 카테고리라은건 무슨의미임가요?
I I : 제 집에 CAT.5e PATCH CABLE뒤에 아무 것도 없는 랜 케이블이 있는데 이건 무엇인가요??
센덴스 스튜디오 : 안좋은등급부터 좋은등급순으로 알려주실수있나요?

Ethernet Cables, UTP vs STP, Straight vs Crossover, CAT 5,5e,6,7,8 Network Cables

This is an animated video explaining Ethernet network cables, such as unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP). Straight (patch ) cables vs Crossover cables and CAT 3,5,5e,6,6a,7 and 8. It also shows the wiring order of ethernet cables and how to make RJ45 network patch cables.

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NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe : So do I understand this right that the Patch and Crossover cables arent technically about the cables themselves but about how are cables organized in the connector ?
So for example, I use the exactly same cable for Router-to-PC as for Pc-to-Pc but the difference will be in how are they organized in connectors that I make after I am done with wiring them..?
And then the difference is only important when buying such a cable which would already have these connectors installed on the cables?
I hope I got it right
فنون للطباعة والتغليف : thans
ittegapS Sauce : but why are they always any color but black?
KeyStroke : I'm binge watching, too... Whether you're a technician or an average Joe, there's something for everyone, even if you know this stuff already. Thank you for these awesome presentations! By the way, I saw a video of a Category 8 cable being prepared. Each pair is shielded in addition to the bundle, and that serves a secondary purpose as the second wire in each pair doesn't usually have a stripe. The narrator indicated that the dyes used in other cables for the stripe can cause less than optimal results. Has anyone else heard that?
Pterocarpous : A wealth of information as always. I enjoy learning on your channel. Including things I didn't know I didn't know. Brain candy as well as practical knowledge I need to have in my profession. You serve up a bounty here on your YT channel. It's fantastic. Thank you!!



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