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James Explains - Needle Roller Bearings

Today, James explains Needle roller bearings and how they operate.

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sajin ms : how to lock needle roller bearing in a shaft
Wayne W : Is there an advantage to using full compliment needle bearings over caged needle bearings, as long as the static pressure and temperature ratings for the caged bearing, meets the requirements of the application?
Work Shop Technology : Hey bro How to find the no of without case needle bearing?
ABC TV : A needle roller bearing needs an axial location feature. this is often done with a step on the shaft or with a circlip/snapring or in the housing . sometimes we utilise an existing feature such as a gear. Please bear in mind that any given shaft will need an axial bearing if any axial reaction force is seen to locate the shaft. Hope this helps!

Learn About the Basics of Ball Bearings, Needle Bearings, Tapered Bearings

A quick overview on the different types of bearings used in standard transmissions. Bearing design and bearing failures are discussed.
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kturek625 : OMG - That was GREAT! Everything I every wanted to know about Bearings and their failures in 24 min! Ton's of examples and tips and tricks. good job, SIR!
David Hall : Most excellant presentation.
Alana Moore : mightyduck
Szabolcs LACZI : Never would have thought I would enjoy a video about bearings. Now it's no longer a mistery how they work. :)
khosi khosi : sounds like nicholas cage

IKO Needle Roller Bearings: Mounting Methods


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